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louie smalls south georgia today

Louie Smalls; Big on Taste

Sometimes we get so busy eating our food we forget to taste it. Louie Smalls bills itself as “a unique blend of international flavors with a Spanish flare.” I highly recommend you treat yourself to Louie Smalls when you...
jacks chop house

Jack’s Chophouse; Southern Elegance

A familiar location has a new name, and it is Jack; Jack’s Chophouse to be exact.  South Georgia natives are well-versed in the quaint structure attached to a rustic scene of wire fences and intermittent herds of cattle.  A...
a bag to go

A Bag to Go; The Best Chili Dogs In Town

Life hands us only a handful of real, legitimate pleasures; one of them being food. In my travels I have passed by this locally owned and operated establishment that harbors the self-proclaimed, “Best Chili Dogs In Town.” I promised...